Kayyonnyadi Amaribringa ayurvedic Anti-Dandruff hair oil

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Best Result for Hard Dandruff , scalp Itching And hair loss

If effected Dandruff over One year; Use This oil Continuously Upto 3 Months or More

Usage: Take Some oil on Hand And apply very well on Scalp. Wash after 1 Hour. use Mild soap and soft Hair Shampoo.

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Kayyonnyadi keram amaribringa Ayurvedic dandruff oil


amaribringa Herbal and Natural Anti Dandruff  Hair oil helps to eradicate dandruff, head-itching.

Our anti dandruff hair oil eradicates any older and severe and hard dandruff and head-itching. Amaribringa Anti dandruff hair oil guarantees the result if and only if you use at least 4 months continuosly. Direction for use: Apply and massage Amaribringa anti dandruff hair oil on your head. For better results, leave it for one hour on your head and wash-off the oil by using low concentrated shampoo. You can use Amaribringa ayurvedic hair shampoo powder. Our Anti dandruff hair oil contains Coconut oil and Gingelly Oil,herbs and spices. It is cooked in traditional ways. Our anti dandruff hair oil is 100 % herbal and natural. It does not contain parabens, sulphates,silicones,synthetic dyes. There is no preservatives and no artificial fragrances. Most of the hair oil in the market contains mineral oil ,but in our Anti dandruff hair oil is made with 100 % natural oil ( Coconut oil and Gingelly oil

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